Think marijuana laws will never change in the U.S.?

······ 88% support MEDICAL MARIJUANA

····· 84% support NO JAIL TIME for MARIJUANA


About Marijuana Majority

What do evangelical Christian Pat Robertson, progressive media maven Arianna Huffington, conservative businessman David Koch, actor Bryan Cranston and rapper Snoop Dogg have in common?

Probably only one thing: They all think our marijuana criminalization laws don't work, cause harm and need to change. Polls show that a majority of Americans agree with them:

  • CNN found 88% support for allowing medical marijuana.
  • CNN found 84% support for not sending people to jail for small amounts of marijuana.
  • Gallup found 60% support for legalizing marijuana altogether.

Still, too many elected officials continue to act as if there's some political reason to keep supporting marijuana policies that almost everyone knows have failed. And too many people who agree that now is the time for change remain reluctant to speak out.

Marijuana Majority exists to help more people understand the simple fact that supporting commonsense solutions like regulating marijuana sales and ending marijuana arrests are mainstream positions and that there's no reason those who support reform should be afraid to say so.

We provide resources that make it easy for individual supporters to take part in actively building the Marijuana Majority by contacting celebrities, elected officials and opinion leaders to encourage them to add their voices to the debate.

Inquiries can be sent to [email protected].


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Norm Stamper Former Seattle Chief of Police & Speaker for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
Brian Sonenstein Campaign Director at Firedoglake / Just Say Now
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Malik Burnett Policy Manager at Drug Policy Alliance

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