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Jon Stewart TV Host, Comedian & Actor
Pat Robertson Founder of Christian Broadcasting Network &…
Colorado Voters
Arianna Huffington Author, Blogger & Syndicated Columnist
U.S. House of Representatives
National Review Editorial Board
John Paul Stevens Former U.S. Supreme Court Justice
David Koch Executive Vice President of Koch Industries
U.S. Conference of Mayors The Voice of America's Mayors
Andrew Cuomo Governor of New York & Former U.S. Secretary of…
Rick Perry Governor of Texas
Gavin Newsom Lieutenant Governor of California & Former Mayor…
Glenn Beck Television and Radio Host
Rahm Emanuel Mayor of Chicago, Former White House Chief of…
Washington State Voters
Norm Stamper Former Seattle Chief of Police
Rosario Dawson Actress
Elizabeth Warren U.S. Senator
David Duchovny Actor
Tony Bennett Grammy Award-Winning Singer
Andrew Sullivan Conservative Blogger & Author
Dustin Moskovitz Co-Founder of Facebook
Morgan Freeman Academy Award-Winning Actor
Bryan Cranston Emmy Award-Winning Actor
Bill O'Reilly Host of Fox News Channel's "O'Reilly Factor"
Bill Maher Comedian, TV Host & Author
Michael Steele Former Chairman of Republican National Committee
Howard Dean Former Chairman of Democratic National Committee &…
Rihanna Grammy Award-Winning Recording Artist
Richard Posner Federal Judge on U.S. Court of Appeals for the…
Richard Branson Founder & Chairman of Virgin Group
Randi Weingarten President of American Federation of Teachers
Sarah Palin Former Governor of Alaska & Republican…
The Economist Editorial Board
Larry King Television Personality
Vicente Fox Former President of Mexico
Brad Pitt Actor & Film Producer
Bill Clinton 42nd President of the United States
Colorado Democratic Party
Jared Polis Member of U.S. Congress
Cory Booker U.S. Senator & Former Mayor of Newark, NJ
Christine Gregoire Governor of Washington & Former Attorney General…
National Organization for Women 500,000-Member Women's Equality Organization
Benjamin Todd Jealous Former President & CEO of the NAACP
Donald Trump President of the United States
Danny DeVito Actor
Seattle Times Editorial Board
Patty Murray U.S. Senator
Steny Hoyer U.S. House Democratic Whip
Brian Schweitzer Former Montana Governor
Rand Paul U.S. Senator
Joseph McNamara Former Police Chief of San Jose, CA and Kansas…
Chris Hayes Host of MSNBC's "All In With Chris Hayes" & Editor…
Robert Reich Former U.S. Secretary of Labor
Kofi Annan Former Secretary-General of United Nations
Nicholas Kristof Pulitzer Prize-Winning New York Times Columnist
Sanjay Gupta Medical Doctor & Host of CNN's "Sanjay Gupta,…
Eugene Monroe Former NFL Offensive Tackle
New York Times Editorial Board
Bruce Rauner Governor of Illinois
Earl Blumenauer Member of U.S. Congress
Tom Wolf Governor of Pennsylvania
American Legion U.S.'s Largest Military Veterans Organization
Molly Ringwald Actress
Vince Vaughn Actor
Kelly Clarkson Singer & Songwriter
Ted Nugent Musician
Charles Koch Chairman of the Board of Koch Industries
Michael K. Williams Actor
Ben Cohen Co-Founder of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
Quincy Jones Musician & Music Producer
Lil Jon Rapper
Peter Thiel Co-Founder & Former CEO of PayPal
Michael Nutter Mayor of Philadelphia
Questlove Drummer for The Roots
Pat Roberts U.S. Senator
Frances McDormand Academy Award & Tony Award-Winning Actress
Dave Loebsack Member of U.S. Congress
Terry McAuliffe Governor of Virginia & Founder of GreenTech…
The Oregonian Editorial Board
Democratic Party of Oregon
Matthew Weiner Creator of "Mad Men"
Jeb Bush Former Governor of Florida
Paul Krugman Nobel Prize-Winning Economist & New York Times…
Mark Cuban Owner of Dallas Mavericks, Landmark Theatres &…
The Nation Editorial Board
New York Times Editorial Board
Keith Ellison Member of U.S. Congress
Elizabeth Warren U.S. Senator
World Health Organization United Nations' Health Agency
Eleanor Holmes Norton Member of U.S. Congress
Maureen Dowd Pulitzer Prize-Winning Columnist
Drew Carey Actor & Comedian
Neill Franklin Executive Director of Law Enforcement Against…
Anne Rice Author
Don Johnson Golden Globe Award-Winning Actor
Glenn Greenwald Columnist & Author
Denver Post Editorial Board
Jack Black Actor, Comedian & Musician
Michael Fine Director of Rhode Island Department of Health
American Public Health Association Oldest and Most Diverse Organization of Public…
California Democratic Party
Jay Nixon Governor of Missouri & Former Missouri Attorney…
Nikki Haley Governor of South Carolina
Alfonse D'Amato Former U.S. Senator
Charlie Crist Former Governor of Florida
Chuck Schumer U.S. Senator
Bobby Jindal Governor of Louisiana
Bill Gates Founder of Microsoft
Bill Nelson U.S. Senator
Barack Obama 44th President of the United States
Bill Murray Actor
Harry Reid U.S. Senate Majority Leader
Matthew Modine Actor
Mehmet Oz Doctor, Television Personality & Author
Bruce Burns Wyoming State Senator Singer & Songwriter
John McCain U.S. Senator
Louisiana Voters
Jeffrey Toobin New Yorker Columnist, CNN Analyst & Author
Michelle Malkin Columnist & Blogger
Blake Griffin NBA Basketball Player
Alexis Ohanian Co-Founder of Reddit
Chris Van Hollen Member of U.S. Congress
Baltimore Sun Editorial Board
Olivia Wilde Actress
Katrina vanden Heuvel Editor & Publisher of The Nation
Sean Hannity TV & Radio Personality
Piers Morgan TV Personality
National Lawyers Guild Legal Professionals Defending Human Rights
Oregon Voters
Miley Cyrus Actress & Musician
New York Times Editorial Board
Elton John Grammy Award-Winning Musician
Arizona Adults
Ross Rebagliati Gold Medal-Winning Olympic Snowboarder
Bill Maher Comedian, TV Host & Author
Minnesota Voters
Josh Marshall Founder & Blogger at Talking Points Memo
Nancy Pelosi U.S. House Minority Leader & Former Speaker of the…
Sam Harris Neuroscientist & Author
California Voters
Jon Huntsman Former Governor of Utah, U.S. Ambassador to China…
Florida Voters
Iowa Adults
Concord Monitor Editorial Board
Registered Voters of Kentucky
Michael Bloomberg Mayor of New York
Jeff Irwin Michigan State Representative
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies World's Largest Humanitarian Network
Drew Pinsky Addiction Medicine Specialist & TV and Radio's…
Jerry Brown Governor of California, Former Attorney General of…
Washington Post Editorial Board
Paul Whitesell Superintendent of Indiana State Police
Svante Myrick Mayor of Ithaca, NY
Quentin Tarantino Filmmaker
Benicio del Toro Academy Award-Winning Actor
Carl Sagan Astrophysicist & Author
Dan Rather Peabody Award-Winning Journalist & Former Anchor…
Patrick Leahy U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman & Former…
Lady Gaga Grammy Award-Winning Singer
Ken Cuccinelli Former Attorney General of Virginia & Virginia…
Ed Koch Former Mayor of New York & Member of U.S Congress
Chris Rock Comedian & Actor
Andy Milonakis Comedian, Rapper & Actor
Hugh Hefner Founder & Publisher of Playboy
Jason Mewes Actor
Jason Sudeikis Actor & Comedian
Kevin Nealon Actor & Comedian
Joe Bolkcom Iowa State Senator
Seth Rogen Actor & Comedian
Tegan Quin Musician with Tegan and Sara
Steve Schmidt Republican Campaign Strategist
Eric Swalwell Member of U.S. Congress & Former Prosecutor
Elijah Wood Actor
Aaron Paul Emmy Award-Winning Actor
Herman Cain Businessman, Radio and TV Personality & Former…
Deepak Chopra Physician & Author
Diane Russell Maine State Representative
National Hispanic Caucus Of State Legislators Represents 300 Hispanic State Legislators
Salma Hayek Academy Award-Nominated Actress
Mary Louise Parker Actress
Jesse Jackson Civil Rights Leader & Baptist Minister
Anthony Romero Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties…
Paul Buchheit Entrepreneur & Creator of Gmail and FriendFeed
Melissa Etheridge Grammy Award-Winning Singer
Russell Simmons Co-Founder of Def Jam Recordings, Creator of Phat…
Houston Chronicle Editorial Board
Rachel Maddow Host of MSNBC's "Rachel Maddow Show"
Sean Parker Co-Founder of Napster & First President of…
Cenk Uygur Host & Founder of The Young Turks
John Legend Grammy Award-Winning Musician
Indiana Adults
Sheldon Whitehouse U.S. Senator & Former U.S. Attorney
Pat Quinn Governor of Illinois
Maggie Hassan Governor of New Hampshire & Former State Senator
Thom Hartmann Radio and TV Host & Author
John McLaughlin Host of "The McLaughlin Group" & Former Jesuit…
Daylin Leach Pennsylvania State Senator
Joe Klein TIME Columnist, Member of Council on Foreign…
Dannel Malloy Governor of Connecticut & Former Assistant…
Paul McCartney Grammy Award-Winning Musician
American Civil Liberties Union Defending Civil Liberties Since 1920 with Over…
Matt Taibbi Journalist & Author
Lawrence O'Donnell Host of MSNBC's "Last Word with Lawrence…
Toure Writer & Co-Host of MSNBC's "The Cycle"
Jack Nicholson Academy Award-Winning Actor
Tucker Carlson Co-founder & Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Caller
Eugene Jarecki Filmmaker
John Stossel Emmy-Winning Reporter & News Program Host for Fox…
Enrique Pena Nieto President of Mexico
Melissa Harris-Perry Host of MSNBC's "Melissa Harris-Perry," Professor…
Chicago Sun-Times Editorial Board
Mark Levin Syndicated Radio Host
Steve Lopez Los Angeles Times Columnist & Author
Mick Jagger Grammy Award-Winning Musician
Garry McCarthy Superintendent of Chicago Police Department &…
Toni Preckwinkle Cook County, IL Board President
Thomas Sadoski Actor
Ellen Page Actress
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Editorial Board
Redman Rapper
Los Angeles Times Editorial Board
Adrian Grenier Actor
Bob Kerrey Former U.S. Senator, Former Governor of Nebraska &…
Mike McGinn Former Mayor of Seattle
Bill Press Radio Host & Former Chair of California Democratic…
Jimmy Kimmel Host of ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live," Comedian &…
Jim Moran Member of U.S. Congress
Leonard Pitts, Jr. Pulitzer Prize-Winning Syndicated Columnist
Fareed Zakaria Editor at Time Magazine & Host of CNN's "Fareed…
Clarence Page Pulitzer Prize-Winning Syndicated Columnist &…
Kathleen Parker Pulitzer Prize-Winning Syndicated Columnist
Grover Norquist Founder and President of Americans for Tax Reform…
Sean Dunagan Former DEA Senior Intelligence Analyst
Amy Goodman Host of "Democracy Now!" & Author
Kinky Friedman Musician
Stephen Colbert Comedian & Host of Comedy Central's "Colbert…
Kurt Schmoke Former Mayor of Baltimore & Dean of Howard…
John Gilmore Co-Founder of Electronic Frontier Foundation &…
Whoopi Goldberg Academy Award-Winning Actress, Comedian & Co-Host…
Pamela Anderson Actress & Model
Walter Cronkite Former Anchor of CBS Evening News
Neal Peirce Syndicated Columnist
Rich Lowry Editor of National Review & Syndicated Columnist
Eleanor Clift Columnist & Television Commentator
Denny Heck Member of U.S. Congress & Former Washington State…
Duane Chapman Bounty Hunter & TV Personality
Conor Friedersdorf Staff Writer at The Atlantic
Cory Doctorow Blogger at Boing Boing & Author
Ana Kasparian Co-Host & Producer of "The Young Turks"
Kevin Smith Filmmaker & Actor
Ron Paul Former Member of U.S. Congress
Charles Blow New York Times Columnist
David Sirota Radio Host, Syndicated Columnist & Author
Steve Chapman Syndicated Columnist & Member of Chicago Tribune's…
Lisa Ling TV Host
Joe Rogan TV and Radio Host, Actor & Comedian
Carlos Santana Grammy Award-Winning Musician
Rocky Anderson Former Mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah
Gary Wiegert Police Sergeant in St. Louis
Eric Garcetti Mayor of Los Angeles
Gael Garcia Bernal Actor
Bob Ainsworth Member of UK Parliament & Former Secretary of…
New Mexico Voters
Richard Feldman President of Independent Firearm Owners…
John Perry Barlow Co-Founder of Electronic Frontier Foundation &…
Juan Manuel Santos President of Colombia
Shepard Smith Host of Fox News Channel's "Fox Report"
Neal Boortz Syndicated Radio Host & Author
Lincoln Chafee Governor of Rhode Island & Former U.S. Senator
Donna Nesselbush Rhode Island State Senator & Municipal Court Judge
Billy Murphy Former Judge of Circuit Court for Baltimore
National Association of Social Workers 145,000 Members
Deborah Norville Emmy Award-Winning TV Personality
Barbara Lee Member of U.S. Congress
Steve Vaillancourt New Hampshire State Representative
John Liu Comptroller of New York City & Former New York…
Barney Frank Former Member of U.S. Congress
Tom Tancredo Former Member of U.S. Congress
Stan Garnett District Attorney of Boulder, CO
David Crosby Musician
Dave Matthews Grammy Award-Winning Musician
Blaine County Republican Party Idaho
Matthew Ryan Mayor of Binghamton, NY & Former Law Professor
Nancy Pelosi U.S. House Minority Leader & Former Speaker of the…
Scott Weiland Grammy Award-Winning Musician
Lewis Lapham Author & Columnist
Loretta Sanchez Member of U.S. Congress
Eliot Spitzer TV Host, Former Governor of New York & Former…
Henry Rollins Musician, Comedian & Author
John Paul Stevens Former U.S. Supreme Court Justice
Aaron Sorkin Emmy and Academy Award-Winning Screenwriter
Aaron Wills Bassist for 311
Nick Gillespie Editor in Chief of and
Elbert Guillory Louisiana State Senator
David Simon Writer & Producer of HBO's "The Wire"
Nick Clegg Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
George Soros Chairman of Soros Fund Management
Alan Colmes Host of Fox News Radio's "Alan Colmes Show"
Robert W. Sweet United States District Court Judge for the…
John Mackey CEO of Whole Foods
Adam Carolla Comedian, TV Host, Radio Host & Actor
Laura Flanders Radio and TV Host & Author
Eduardo Porter New York Times Economic Columnist & Author
Kevin Drum Blogger & Columnist for Mother Jones
Brent Staples Member of the New York Times Editorial Board &…
The Columbian Editorial Board
Felipe Calderon Former President of Mexico
Laura Ingraham Syndicated Radio Host & Author
Andrew Weil Integrative Medicine Doctor & Author
Spokesman-Review Editorial Board
Xeni Jardin Co-Founder & Co-Editor of Boing Boing
Andres Oppenheimer Pulitzer Prize-Winning Syndicated Columnist & TV…
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Editorial Board
USA Today Editorial Board
Otto Perez Molina President of Guatemala
Beto O'Rourke Member of U.S. Congress & Former El Paso, TX City…
Gary Becker Nobel Prize-Winning Economist & Professor at…
Billy Idol Musician
Richard Biehl Dayton, OH Chief of Police
George Will Pulitzer Prize-Winning Syndicated Columnist &…
Hendrik Hertzberg Columnist & Author
Eric Sterling President of Criminal Justice Policy Foundation &…
Alex Wagner TV Personality
Brent Spiner Actor
Susan Sarandon Academy Award-Winning Actress
Patricia Todd Alabama State Representative
Service Employees International Union California Representing Over 700,000 Members
George Lopez Comedian, Actor & TV Host
Michael Douglas Academy Award-Winning Actor
Michael Medved Syndicated Radio Host
Penn Jillette Illusionist of Penn & Teller
Michelle Alexander Associate Law Professor at Ohio State University &…
Greg Gutfeld Fox News Channel Host
Joanna Krupa Model, Actress & Animal Rights Activist
Yishan Wong CEO of Reddit
Esquire Magazine Men's Magazine
Warren G Rapper & Hip Hop Producer
Robert Greenwald Filmmaker & Founder of Brave New Foundation
Detroit Free Press Editorial Board
Mary Anastasia O'Grady Columnist & Member of the Wall Street Journal…
Dan Savage Author & Columnist
Timothy Egan New York Times Columnist & Author
Oliver Stone Academy Award-Winning Director
Bill McClellan Columnist at St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Deroy Murdock Syndicated Columnist
Alison Pill Actress
Sun Sentinel Editorial Board
Joe Hogan Nevada State Assemblyman
Jim Webb Former U.S. Senator
Andrew Napolitano Former New Jersey Superior Court Judge & Fox News…
National Black Caucus of State Legislators Represents More Than 600 African American State…
Michael Moore Filmmaker & Author
Providence Journal Editorial Board
Jeffrey Miron Professor of Economics at Harvard University
Ringo Starr Grammy Award-Winning Musician
Stephen Downing Former Deputy Chief of Police of Los Angeles…
Thomas Sullivan Former U.S. Attorney for Northern District of…
Steve Cohen Member of U.S. Congress
United Methodist Church 12 Million Members Worldwide
Episcopal Church 2 Million Members
Todd Buchholz Former White House Director of Economic Policy &…
Billie Joe Armstrong Vocalist, Songwriter & Guitarist of Green Day
Ron Hampton Executive Director of Blacks in Law Enforcement of…
Stephen Moore Member of Wall Street Journal Editorial Board &…
David Stockman Former Director of the White House Office of…
John Kane Senior U.S. District Court Judge for the District…
Virg Bernero Mayor of Lansing, Michigan & Former Michigan State…
Jeff Clemens Florida State Senator & Former Mayor of Lake…
Geraldo Rivera TV & Radio Host
Snoop Dogg Rapper
John Sperling Founder of the University of Phoenix
Newt Gingrich Former Speaker of the U.S. House of…
Juan Williams Fox News Analyst & Columnist
Ernests Gulbis Professional Tennis Player
Edith Ajello Rhode Island State Representative
John Fugelsang Comedian, TV Host & Actor
Barry Pepper Emmy Award-Winning Actor
David Draiman Lead Singer for Disturbed & Device
Pete Holmes City Attorney of Seattle
American College of Physicians Second-Largest Physician Group in the United…
Mortimer Zuckerman Publisher and Owner of the New York Daily News &…
John Conyers Member of U.S. Congress & Former Judiciary…
William F. Buckley Founder of National Review, TV Host, Author &…
Jack Cole Former New Jersey State Police Undercover…
Stephen King Author
Earl Blumenauer Member of U.S. Congress
Montel Williams Talk Show Host & Founder of the MS Foundation
Richard Van Wickler Superintendent of Corrections in Cheshire County,…
Tony Ryan Former Police Lieutenant in Denver
Meghan McCain Columnist, Author & Daughter of Sen. John McCain
The Olympian Editorial Board
Larry Elder Syndicated Radio Host & Author
Big Boi Grammy Award-Winning Rapper
Terence Winter Creator of HBO's "Boardwalk Empire"
Dan Rodricks Columnist & Radio Host
American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Representing More Than 1.6 Million Members
John Schwarz Theoretical Physicist, Co-Founder of Superstring…
David Haley Kansas State Senator
Bruce Hunter Iowa State Representative
Miles Doughty Musician with Slightly Stoopid
Peter Singer Philosopher & Professor of Bioethics at Princeton…
Bob Weir Musician
Nadine Strossen Former President of ACLU, Member of Council on…
New Scientist Editorial Board
John Popper Grammy Award-Winning Musician
Phil Harvey Entrepreneur, Philanthropist & Author
Al Sharpton Baptist Minister, Civil Rights Activist & TV and…
Sunil Aggarwal Resident Physician at NYU Rusk Institute Of…
Bob Filner Former Mayor of San Diego & Former Member of U.S.…
Terry Nelson Former U.S. Customs and Border Protection…
Steve Strachan King County Sheriff & Former DARE Officer
Tom Robbins Author
Bruce Fein Former Associate Deputy Attorney General Under…
Irwin Mark Jacobs Co-Founder & Former Chairman of Qualcomm
Ira Glasser Former Executive Director of American Civil…
American Nurses Association Representing America's 3.1 Million Nurses
Elon James White Comedian, Blogger & Radio Host
Dylan Ratigan Former Host of MSNBC's "The Dylan Ratigan Show" &…
Anthony Miranda Chairman of National Latino Officers Association &…
Jim Hightower Syndicated Columnist & Former Texas Agriculture…
Kenneth Crispin Former Australian Supreme Court Judge in
Nicholas Katzenbach Former U.S. Attorney General & Under Secretary of…
Penny Harrington Former Chief of Portland, OR Police Bureau
Glenn Garvin Syndicated Columnist & Author
Ann Landers Advice Columnist
Thomas Frank Author & Columnist
Timothy Lange (aka Meteor Blades) Staff Writer at Daily Kos
Larry Hagman Actor
Jesse Ventura Former Governor of Minnesota & Professional…
Michael Smerconish Syndicated Radio Host, Columnist & Author
Anita Roddick Founder of The Body Shop
Howard Stern Radio and TV Host & Author
Leigh Maddox Special Assistant State's Attorney & Former State…
Mona Charen Syndicated Columnist, Author & Former Speechwriter…
Danny Glover Actor
Women of Reform Judaism Represents Over 65,000 Women
Mark Stepnoski Super Bowl-Winning NFL Center
Mike Collins Former Prosecutor & National Spokesman for…
Matthew Cooke Filmmaker
Bizzy Bone Rapper
Hal Sparks Actor, Comedian, Musician & TV Host
Scott Adams Author & Creator of "Dilbert" Comic Strip
Pete Stark Former Member of U.S. Congress
Mike Callton Michigan State Representative & Chiropractor
Jason Flom Founder and CEO of Lava Records & Former CEO of…
Jacob Sullum Syndicated Columnist & Senior Editor at Reason…
Terry Michael Director of Washington Center for Politics and…
Sunil Malhotra Actor
George Miller Member of U.S. Congress
Erik Kain Blogger at
Ilya Somin Blogger at Volokh Conspiracy & Professor at George…
Kate Pflaumer Former U.S. Attorney for Western District of…
Charles Mandingo Former FBI Special Agent in Charge in Seattle
Scott Morgan Blogger at & Associate Director…
John McWhorter Columnist, Linguist, Author & Former Cornell and…
Andrew Kirell Editor at Mediaite
Bernd Debusmann Columnist
Rand Paul U.S. Senator
Ta-Nehisi Coates Senior Editor at The Atlantic & Author
Brent Steele Indiana State Senator & Chairman of Indiana Senate…
Radley Balko Senior Writer for Huffington Post & Former Senior…
United Food and Commercial Workers, Western States Council 200,000-Member Labor Union
Roger Goodman Washington State Representative
Allahpundit Blogger at
Joe Benning Vermont State Senator
Heather Donahue Actress & Author
Roger Stone Political Consultant
Howard Meitiner President & CEO of Phoenix House
Matt Welch Editor-in-Chief of Reason Magazine
Star-Ledger Editorial Board
Chris Ryan Blogger at AMERICAblog
Bob Barr Former Member of Congress, U.S. Attorney &…
John Cole Founder & Blogger at Balloon Juice
Orange County Register Editorial Board
Jane Hamsher Author, Founder of FireDogLake & Film Producer
Philip Baruth Vermont State Senator
Joycelyn Elders Former U.S. Surgeon General
Gustavo de Greiff Former Attorney General of Colombia
Ellen Rosenblum Attorney General of Oregon
Philadelphia Inquirer Editorial Board
Bill Kirton Former United Methodist Clergy
Richard Horton Editor-in-Chief of The Lancet, a Medical Journal
Maxine Waters Member of U.S. Congress
Eric Duff Episcopal Priest, Social Worker & Newspaper…
Megan McArdle Blogger & Former Business and Economics Editor for…
Daniel O'Rourke Catholic Priest & Columnist
Thomas Reese Catholic Priest & Senior Fellow at the Woodstock…
Alexander Lucie-Smith Catholic Priest & Doctor of Moral Theology
Alexander Sharp United Church of Christ Minster & Executive…
Stefano Mugnaini Former Minister of the Essex Village Church of…
LZ Granderson Columnist & TV Personality for ESPN & CNN
T.I. Rapper, Actor & Author
Kingsley Guy Columnist
John Whitehead Founder & President of Rutherford Institute
William VanderGraaf Former Police Officer in Winnipeg
Enrique Ceciliano Former Section Chief of Costa Rica's Judicial…
Rubens Casara State Court Judge in Rio de Janeiro
Tony Smith Former Police Officer in Vancouver, BC
Don Cravins Mayor of Opelousas, LA
Larry Campbell Canadian Senator, Former Mayor of Vancouver &…
Jerry Cameron Former Chief of Police in Fernandina Beach, FL
Vince Cain Former Chief Superintendent of Royal Canadian…
Arnold Byron Former U.S. Customs Inspector
David Bratzer Police Constable in Victoria, BC
Jeralyn Merritt Founder and Blogger at TalkLeft & Criminal Defense…
Maia Szalavitz Neuroscience Journalist, Columnist & Author
Nate Bradley Former Deputy Sheriff in Sutter County, CA
George Zimmer Founder & Former CEO of The Men's Wearhouse
Bret Black Former Deputy Constable in Davis County, Utah
Carel Edwards Former Head of the European Commission's Anti-Drug…
Romesh Bhattacharji Former Commissioner of Narcotics of India
Dean Becker Syndicated Radio Host & Former Air Force Security…
James Anthony Former Community Prosecutor with Oakland City…
John Amabile Former Assistant Attorney General of Massachusetts
Larry Fritzlan Addiction Specialist & Psychotherapist
George Lundberg Editor at Large of MedPage Today & Former…
Ken Jordan Musician with The Crystal Method
Carl Hiaasen Author & Columnist
Kevin Murphy Economics Professor at University of Chicago
Philip Chard Psychotherapist & Columnist in Pewaukee, WI
Michael Reznicek Psychiatrist & Author in Spokane, WA
Eric Foxman Medical Doctor in Mission Hills, CA
Eric Blumenson Professor at Suffolk University Law School &…
John Anderson Former Correctional Officer & Criminology…
Richard Amos Retired U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration…
Daniel-Paul Alva Former Assistant District Attorney in Philadelphia
Tray Chaney Actor
Peter Buckley Oregon State Representative & Co-Chair of Oregon…
MacKenzie Allen Former Deputy Sheriff in Los Angeles, CA & King…
Reed Gusciora New Jersey State Assemblyman & Municipal…
Peter Moskos Former Baltimore Police Officer & Associate…
New York State Nurses Association More Than 37,000 Members
Cash Out Rapper
Josiah Rich Director of the Center for Prisoner Health and…
Union for Reform Judaism Representing 900 North American Congregations
William Collins Former Connecticut State Representative & Mayor of…
Doug Fine Author & Humorist
Unitarian Universalist Association Association of Unitarian Universalist…
Texas Democratic Party
Graham Boyd Founder & Former Director of ACLU's Drug Law…
Cory Booker U.S. Senator & Former Mayor of Newark, NJ
Walter McKay Former Police Officer in British Columbia
Nina Graves Former Assistant Police Chief
Jonathan Daniel Brown Actor
Marvin Morten Former Judge in Ontario
Kelli Evans Associate Director of the ACLU of Northern…
Howard Wooldridge Former Police Detective in Bath Township, MI
Grace Slick Musician & Artist
Alyona Minkovski Host on HuffPost Live
Dan Gardner Syndicated Columnist & Author
Steven Greenhut Syndicated Columnist
Ted Sumner Former Undercover Narcotics Detective in San Jose
Moises Naim Columnist, Author & Former Editor-in-Chief of…
Shawn Mitchell Colorado State Senator
John Vasconcellos Former California State Senator
Dominic Holden Columnist & Blogger at The Stranger
Zach Wahls Activist & Author
Michael Kahoe Former FBI Special Agent
Maria Lucia Karam Former Brazilian Judge
Kyle Kazan Former Police Officer in Torrance, CA
Nick Novello Police Officer in Dallas, TX
Joanne Naughton Former NYPD Police Lieutenant
Francis Wilkinson Former Chief Constable of Gwent, England
Paul Whitehouse Former Chief Constable in Sussex, England
Titus Peterson Former Lead Felony Prosecutor in Clear Creek…
Chad Padgett Former Correctional Officer & Youth Services…
Charles Rowland Former Prosecutor in Greene County, OH
Richard Renfro Former Internal Revenue Service Criminal Division…
John O'Brien Former Sheriff in Genesee County, MI
Patrick Nightingale Former Prosecutor in Allegheny County, PA
David Nichols Former Washington Superior Court Judge
North Carolina Democratic Party
Dan Rush Director of Medical Cannabis and Hemp Division for…
International Longshore and Warehouse Union Northern California District Council 25,000-Member Council
Diane Dimond Syndicated Columnist & Author
Russ Belville Host of "The Russ Belville Show"
Tony Norman Columnist
Iowa Democratic Party
Richard Newton Former Drug Interdiction Aviation Pilot with U.S.…
Gerivaldo Alves Neiva District Judge for Court of Conceicao do Coite in…
Michael Baumgartner Washington State Senator
Leslie Braxton Pastor of New Beginnings Christian Fellowship in…
Betty Taylor Former Chief of Police in Winfield, MO
Juan Cartagena President & General Counsel of LatinoJustice…
Voddie Baucham Pastor at Grace Family Baptist Church
Matthew Johnson-Doyle Senior Minister of Unitarian Universalist Church…
Marlin Lavanhar Senior Minister of All Souls Unitarian…
Jason Silva Filmmaker & Former Host on Current TV
Mike Church Radio Host
Doug Bandow Former Special Assistant to President Ronald…
Sacramento Bee Editorial Board
Javier Sicilia Poet & Author
Buffalo News Editorial Board
Times of Trenton Editorial Board
Randy Leonard Portland City Commissioner & Former Oregon State…
David Nathan Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric…
Gary Johnson Former Governor of New Mexico & 2012 Libertarian…
Washington State Democrats
Lester Grinspoon Harvard Psychiatry Professor
James 'Flaming Eagle' Mooney Former Undercover Narcotics Officer in UT
Arkansas Times Editorial Board
Roseanne Barr Actress & Comedian
John McGeary Former Senior Constable
Matthew McCally Former Probation Officer
Sean McAllister Former Assistant Attorney General for the State of…
Danny Maynard Former Sacramento Port Police Officer
Madeline Martinez Former Correctional Officer
Fred Martens Former Undercover Narcotics Agent with New Jersey…
Annie Machon Former British Secret Service Intelligence Officer
Paul MacLean Former New Hampshire State Trooper & Special…
Ketil Lund Former Supreme Court Justice in Norway
John Lorenzo Former Chief of Marine Police
Randie Long Former Federal Prosecutor in Nanaimo, BC
David Long Former Special Agent for U.S. Department of…
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society World's Largest Voluntary Health Organization…
Brian Leininger Former Assistant District Attorney in Kansas City,…
Richard Clarke Former U.S. National Coordinator for Security,…
Froma Harrop Syndicated Columnist
Nick Licata Seattle City Councilmember
Joe Fitzgibbon Washington State Representative
James Gray Former Presiding Judge of Superior Court of Orange…
Dennis Kucinich Former Member of U.S. Congress
Paul Koretz Los Angeles City Councilman
Bill Rosendahl Los Angeles City Councilman
Daily Record Editorial Board
Topeka Capital-Journal Editorial Board
Karen Tallian Indiana State Senator
Peter Shumlin Governor of Vermont
Roger Pertwee Chair of Neuropharmacology at the University of…
American Medical Students Association 68,000 Members
National Association of Public Health Policy
Tim Hollis Chairman of Association of Chief Police Officers…
Lloyd Sederer Medical Director of New York State Department of…
Ian Gilmore Former President of Royal College of Physicians
Scott Hadland Chief Resident of Pediatrics at Boston Children's…
American Academy of HIV Medicine
American Anthropological Association 11,000 Members
Pete Guither Blogger at
John H. Richardson Writer-at-Large for Esquire & Author
John Burton Chairman of the California Democratic Party &…
Ethan Nadelmann Founder and Executive Director of Drug Policy…
Douglas Berman Blogger at Sentencing Law and Policy & Professor…
Alison Myrden Former Correctional Officer in Ontario
Jason Thomas Former Detention Officer & Marshal's Deputy
Jeff Kaufman Former NYPD Officer
James Nolan Former FBI Unit Chief & Police Lieutenant
James Peet Former Police Officer & National Park Service…
Howard Rahtz Former Police Captain in Cincinnati, OH
Hildebrando Saraiva Detective Inspector in Rio de Janeiro
Bob Scott Former Captain in Macon County, NC Sheriff's…
Dwayne Sessom Former Deputy Sheriff in Lawton, OK
Ethan Simon Former Assistant District Attorney in Albuquerque
Jeff Studdard Former Deputy Reserve Sheriff in Los Angeles…
Jay Rabinowitz Former Chief Justice of the Alaska Supreme Court
John Tommasi Former Police Sergeant & Professor of Economics at…
William VanderGraaf Former Police Officer in Winnipeg
Lincoln Chafee Governor of Rhode Island & Former U.S. Senator
Orlando Zaccone Police Chief of 18th Police Station in Rio de…
Leo Laurence Former Deputy Sheriff
Marina Lattavo Detective Inspector in Rio de Janeiro
Ross Lander Former Justice of Supreme Court of British…
Komba Kemoh Assistant Superintendent of Police in Sierra Leone
Kyle Vogt Former Military Police Officer
Bill Weiland Former Police Officer
Rusty White Former Correctional Officer & K-9 Trainer
Carol Ruth Silver Former Director of Prisoner Legal Services for San…
NAACP Alaska Oregon Washington Conference
Barbara Roberts Psychotherapist & Former Associate Deputy Director…
Rick Steves Author & TV Host
Sting Grammy, Emmy and Golden Globe Award-Winning…
Cynthia Tucker Pulitzer Prize-Winning Syndicated Columnist
Will Espero Hawaii State Senator
Daniel Patterson Arizona State Representative
Jack Cafferty CNN Commentator
Arturo Sarukhan Former Mexican Ambassador to the U.S.
Daniel Okrent Author of "Last Call" & Former Public Editor of…
Jim Smith Mayor of Helena, Montana
Michael Hennessey Former Sheriff of San Francisco
Gavin Newsom Lieutenant Governor of California & Former Mayor…
Debra Saunders Syndicated Columnist
Paul Volcker Former Chairman of the Board of Governors of the…
George Shultz Former U.S. Secretary of State, Former U.S.…
Juan Torruella Federal Judge on U.S. Court of Appeals for the…
Michelle Phillips Actress & Musician
Jackie Martling Comedian & Radio Personality
Ray Benson Grammy Award-Winning Musician
Woody Harrelson Emmy Award-Winning Actor
Toni Woodson Roman Catholic Nun
Steve Baber Pastor of Skyway United Methodist Church in…
Carl Livingston Pastor of Kingdom Christian Center in Renton, WA
Financial Times Editorial Board
Stephen Parnis President of the Australian Medical Association
Michael Wooldridge Former Minister for Health of Australia
Bob Carr Foreign Minister of Australia & Former Premier of…
John McKay Former U.S. Attorney
Alice Huffman President of NAACP California State Conference
California Medical Association Representing More Than 35,000 Physicians
Sam Farr Member of U.S. Congress
Bill Clinton 42nd President of the United States
David Bronner President, Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps
Charles Rangel Member of U.S. Congress & Former Ways and Means…
Peter Lewis Chairman and Former CEO of Progressive Insurance…
Peter Coyote Actor & Writer
Star-Ledger Editorial Board
Richard Branson Founder & Chairman of Virgin Group
Children's Alliance A Voice for Washington's Children, Youth &…
Paola Maranan Executive Director of the Children's Alliance
Cato Institute Libertarian Think Tank
Willie Nelson Grammy Award-Winning Musician
Milton Friedman Recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economics
Dana Rohrabacher Member of U.S. Congress
Raul Vera Catholic Bishop
Gustin Reichbach Former New York State Supreme Court Justice
Wiz Khalifa Rapper
Jose Mujica President of Uruguay
Human Rights Watch International Human Rights Advocacy Organization
John McCormac Mayor of Woodbridge, NJ
Manuel Rodriguez Spokesman for the National Latino Officers…
Jorge Castaneda Former Foreign Minister of Mexico
Rosemary Harris Lytle President of NAACP Colorado/Montana/Wyoming State…
Russell Brand Comedian, Actor & Recovering Addict
American Medical Association The Largest Association of Medical Doctors in the…
Nick Cave Musician, Screenwriter & Actor
Jello Biafra Musician & Poet
Jay Fleming Former Undercover Narcotics Officer in Spokane, WA
Jay Fisher Prosecutor in Georgia
Tim Datig Former Chief of Police in Vermont & NYPD Officer
Mario Vargas Llosa Nobel Prize-Winning Author
William John Cox Former Los Angeles Police Sergeant & Prosecutor
Michael Gilbert Former Corrections Official & Associate Professor…
John Delaney Former District Court Judge in Texas
Leonard Frieling Former Judge in Lafayette, CO
Americans for Democratic Action 65,000 Members
Matthew Fogg Former U.S. Federal Marshal
Rick Erickson Retired Patrol Officer in California
Karen Hawkes Former Massachusetts State Trooper
James Duffy Former Police Inspector in Scotland
James Doherty Former Prosecutor & Corrections Officer
Andrea Farnum Former NYPD Undercover Narcotics Cop
Bob Dillman Former Correctional Officer in Nova Scotia
Peter Hiyashi Former Neuropsychologist at Harvard Medical School
Jerry Epstein Former U.S. Marine Corps Prosecutor & Judge
Devendra Dutt Former Deputy Chief of India's Narcotics Control…
Justin Dolan Former Police Detective
David Doddridge Former Los Angeles Narcotics Officer & Military…
William Cooke Former Baltimore Prosecutor
Richard Craig Former Police Lieutenant
Association of Nurses in AIDS Care
Patrick Heintz Former Corrections Officer & Substance Abuse…
Gary Hale Former Chief of Intelligence for the Drug…
Paul Hansen Senior Pastor of Holy Spirit Lutheran Church in…
Siro Darlan de Oliveira Court of Appeals Judge in Rio de Janeiro
Jamie Haase Former Special Agent with Immigration and Customs…
Stephen Duke Professor of Criminal Law at Yale University &…
Diane Goldstein Retired Lieutenant Commander
James Gierach Former Prosecutor in Chicago
Fabio Braga Forensic Police Officer in Federal District of…
Michael Doyle Pastor of Sacred Heart Church in Camden, NJ
Evan Wood Founder of International Centre for Science in…
Rowan Bosworth-Davies Former Detective at New Scotland Yard
Russ Jones Former Undercover Narcotics Detective & DEA Task…
Garry Jones Former Corrections Officer
Donald Jones Former Judge in Florida
Wes Johnson Former Police Officer
Robert Hoffman Former Chief of Police in Plainfield, CT
Michael Hansen Former Patrol Agent & Military Police Officer
Robert Guest Former Prosecutor in Texas
John Gayder Constable
Marshall Frank Former Police Captain
Shelly Fox-Loken Former Correctional Counselor
Beth Comery Former Providence, RI Patrol Officer
George Cole Former Immigration and Customs Enforcement Special…
Walter Clark Former Deputy District Attorney in Riverside, CA
Michael Cindrich Former Prosecutor in San Diego, CA
Peter Christ Former Police Captain
Francisco Chao De la Torre Police Officer in Rio de Janeiro
Ann Druyan Author & Producer of PBS's "Cosmos"
Paul Phinney President-Elect of California Medical Association
Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice Criminal Justice Policy Development, Research &…
Megan Fox Actress & Model
Jorge Da Silva Former Colonel of Rio de Janeiro Military Police
Oscar Eason, Jr. President of NAACP AK/OR/WA State Area Conference
Bill Bradbury Former Oregon Secretary of State
Art Goodtimes County Commissioner in San Miguel County, CO
Gary Lindstrom Former Colorado State Representative & Summit…
Jerome Kassirer Former Editor of the New England Journal of…
Brian Gralnick Former President of Jewish Social Policy Action…
T.J. Donovan Chittenden County State's Attorney
Toby Nixon Kirkland City Council Member & Former Washington…
National Association of People with AIDS
California Academy of Family Physicians More Than 7,000 Members
AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts New England's Largest AIDS Service Organization
Gray Panthers Working for Social and Economic Justice
SpearIt Assistant Professor at Saint Louis University…
Luis Carlos Valois Judge in Amazonas, Brazil
Hans Van Duijn Former Police Union President in Amsterdam
Lymphoma Foundation of America
California Nurses Association Representing 86,000 Members
Peter Baume Former Australian Minister for Health, Minister…
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